The work of Auckland born artist Rohini Sen explores classical representation while interweaving the more informal abstraction of the contemporary. Rohini's training is founded on figurative studio work, from Atelier's in both France and New York. With graduate and post graduate qualifications in Zoology Conservation, Rohini’s interest in the natural sciences is an element evident in pieces of her work. Observational figurative and portrait work from cast, sculpture and model, has been the focus of the last 2 years of studio work. She is also currently continuing her classical/contemporary training full time at a Los Angeles based Academy Through this time Rohini has been an active artist for Passport2Freedom. Participating in group exhibitions, apparel design, and now predominantly working from commissioned pieces, and independent work for future exhibitions.

"Passport 2 Freedom feels super excited to have Rohini as a supporter and as a part of our crew. Rohini has a finger in most of Passport 2 Freedom's work, thank-you Rohini, for your passion and hard work!"

Find Rohini on Instagram: @rohinisenart