Anne Marthe is born and raised in Norway. She says: "I wish to encourage with my art. Create a peaceful atmostphere where you can escape from your everyday busyness. A calm oasis of beauty and meaning. Where it is enough just to "be". Where peace, joy and hope is what you bring with you when you leave."
Her art work consists of oil, acrylic, water colors and mixed mediums. As well as drypoint print and intaglio print. With a background as a private student in graphic print with fine artist Arvid Harestad. Finished Fine art track at Creative dts Ă…lesund, YWAM. 18 inch journey by Jonathan David Helser. Course in oil paint by Kjellaug Samuelsen. Finished 1 year of Art and Design at Hurdal Verk fhs.

"Passport 2 Freedom feels super excited to have Anne Marthe as a supporter and as a part of our crew."

Find Anne Marthe on Instagram: @amserigstad