GREEN Fashion Week 2017

Passport 2 Freedom is honored to highlight and attend GREEN Fashion Week 2017 in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
We will give you an inside scoop through our blog and social media outlets to Green Fashion Week’s special events sponsored by the Ministry of Environment in collaboration with United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and organized by GD Major and by the non-profit FSA (Fashion Service Association), Green Fashion Week aims to raise public awareness on the issues of sustainability and promote the path that the fashion industry has to follow to meet the goals signed by 193 ONU’s member states with the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

We are passionate about sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical Fashion and believe in the minimalist lifestyle. Follow along on our blog for all the inside scoop of GREEN Fashion Week 2017.

Passport 2 Freedom Spring 16


In March we launched our latest Fashion Line for 2016. It’s out now! We’ve been able to be a part of a few Dance events, such as The Next Generation Talent show. We love seeing young people express themselves through art.

In April we attended ECO Fashion week 2016 in Vancouver, Canada. We always love attending events where we can meet people and have conversations about why we do what we do. We are so thankful for our friends and people out there who buy our apparel and share with their friends about Human Trafficking and our work in the Favela slums. Eco Fashion Week always gathers such a wonderful conscious group of people. This year was filled with amazing designers, excellent panels and fun parties. We will be sharing some more about our time at ECO Fashion Week soon, but for now, enjoy an interview we did from EFW09 with local blogger at The Hootsuite headquaters in Vancouver in relation to ECO Fashion Week:

P2F Mission Trip to the Favelas

Morro do Borel and Jardim Gramacho

Our team just returned from the Favela slums. While we were there we were able to participate in art education, dance, sports and games, with children living in extreme poverty and at a high-risk of trafficking. In the Favela slums young girls get taken advantage of, they are often seen as a commodity for drug lords and local gangs.

Jardim Gramacho has been known as Rio de Janeiro’s garbage dump, one of the largest landfills in the world. It closed down in June 2012 after 34 years of operation. When the garbage dump was operating, the favela residents got a daily salary. However, because of the lack of education in the favela slums most of the landfill workers spent their wages on the same day they received it. Since the landfill was closed 3 years ago, the families living in Gramacho have to fight to survive daily, because of the lack of education and job opportunities. To be able to change this community, the whole mindset in these slums needs to change. Yes, opportunities would help, and yes, we believe the government needs to take better responsibility of their residents, but the favela inhabitants also need to take control over their own destiny. We believe that when girls/women rise up and get access to education and are given assistance to find employment opportunities, the Favela communities will start to change, and that change will help shape and better the community for generations to come.
During this trip some of our ladies were able to sit in on a talk with some of the young girls in Gramacho. Our leader, Nadia talked about dreams and thinking ahead, she talked about child/teenage pregnancy. It was inspiring getting to hear some of these young girls dreams. Some dreamed of becoming a doctor, a teacher, a computer specialist, an actress etc. A very high percentage of girls living in Gramacho have children before their 18th birthday, many don’t get education because of this.

Well known tattoo and mural artist, Jon Hall was a part of our team for the second year in a row. He is the perfect artist to bring to the Favela slums as he is known for his murals of women. He portrays women in a strong, inspirational, and empowering way. To us his art work perfectly portrays what Passport 2 Freedom is all about.

From our trip to Brazil, we learned that because of the economic state Brazil is in right now, the recycling program in Borel is currently put on hold. We are not able to finance the program solely as an organization, and the government and local brazilian sponsors have put a hold on their involvement. This recycling program provides jobs for families in the Favela’s. If you want to help sponsor this program, feel free to donate here and label your donation: Recycling

It was wonderful to see that the other initiatives are doing great and growing.

We want to thank everyone who helps us do what we do by buying our apparel and donating to us. We can’t do what we do, without YOU!

P2F Missions Trip in November

We are going on a mission trip to the Favelas in November. We’re currently fundraising through events locally in Los Angeles, but if you don’t live in LA area, and still would like to support our trip. We’ve created a way for YOU to contribute.
If you have any baby clothes you want to give away, if you want to buy some toothbrushes, games etc. for us to bring to the favelas please mail them to:
Passport 2 Freedom
15155 Sherman Way #43
Van Nuys, CA 91405

If you feel led to give financially, click here: PAYPAL

Thank-you so much for considering partnering with us for this mission trip!
God bless


Summer Events

We have been busy this summer attending events in Norway, we attended the “Jærdags festival” in Bryne on the south west coast, and “Skjærgårds Festival” in the south east of Norway. Finally, finishing the summer at the Word in Motion 10th annual Urban Dance Festival in Los Angeles.

Here’s a Picture of a Norwegian article about our attendance at Jærdagen titled: “With a heart for the kids living in the slum”

Our founder, Hanne Fellers spoke at “True Story Night” a dance event at Skjærgårds Festival. Dancers from all over Norway performed and told powerful stories about fighting for love and freedom. Thank-you Sub Urban for having us.

The 4th annual Step of Hope benefit show on August 1st finished off the Urban dance festival and it was the best one yet. Dancers used their gift of dance to shed light on modern day slavery. View one of the dances below:


P2F featured in the paper in Norway for our attendance at Jærdagen

This early summer, we were blessed to be able to have a booth at Jærdagen in Bryne, Norway. Hanne Fellers (founder) shared at the morning service in the center of town. We had some awesome conversations with people and was especially inspired by a young girl that came up to our booth and specifically asked if our clothes were ethically produced and if we made sure there were no children working in the factories. It was inspiring conversing with someone so young and conscious about how apparel is being made. We assured her that we only work with people who will sign off on our production agreement that states:

Production agreement

As a manufacturer and affiliate of factories that manufactures garments produced and sold to/for Passport 2 Freedom, I state that all practices in the production of these garments comply with the following:

  • All local, national and international laws, treaties, conventions, rules, direc tives legislations and ordinances regulating labor and child labor.
  • Employment and employment practices terms, wages and hours, including non-discrimination and equal employment opportunities, health and safety, environmental regulations, and laws that govern human trafficking and slavery prohibition.
  • In accordance with the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment, part of the California Environmental Protection Agency, our company agrees that it complies with all environmental standards, including but not limited to, Proposition 65. Prohibiting listed chemicals to be discharged into sources of drinking water. The list contains a wide range of naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals that are known to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. We ensure these chemicals are not involved in manufac turing, or as by products in the production process.

Thank-you Jærdagen for having us. And thank-you to everyone who stopped by out booth and donated to our Cause.

To read more about our program and apparel production CLICK HERE


ECO Fashion Week

Actress/designer Kelly King and Founder Hanne Fellers just arrived in Vancouver preparing for ECO Fashion Week kicking off this Sunday at the Fairmont Waterfront hotel in downtown Vancouver.

We are really excited to showcase our newest Love and Compassion Fashion Line along with amazing eco-friendly designers and brands. We are especially excited for the debute of H&M’s Conscious line. Check out the: ECO Fashion Week Website for details.

We will be keeping up on our Facebook and Instagram



DEAP Charity event for homeless youth in Hollywood

DEAP (Dream Endlessly, Actively Pursue) Charity Event at the Covenant House for Homeless Youth in Hollywood.

This weekend we were so honored and blessed to serve the Covenant House, an emergency shelter for youth 18-21 in the Hollywood area. It provides case management, resources, housing, free clinic, education services, and employment resources to help youth get back on their own feet.
The event had so much to it; a huge clothing drive, professional make-up and hair artists, a henna tattoo artist, many musical performances, encouraging guests speakers, a raffle and more. It was so awesome to see the girls faces light up as they looked in the mirror after getting their hair and make-up done and had put on a gown for a night of fun. There were many volunteers from all different organizations and industries. Throughout the night an electric slide dance line formed and we danced the night away.
Thank-you to Arielle Caputo for being an inspiration and for hosting this amazing event. Arielle is a Suicide Intervention Coach, Motivational Speaker and Published Author. A young mom of a beautiful 4 year old, working in the film industry, nutrition freak, yoga lover, runs a support group in Los Angeles, as well as on online chatroom at